Santander preferred overdraft rate

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Your Santander preferred overdraft rate makes switching from one account to the other an easy affair. This is simply because Santander’s customers aiming to switch account schemes get the privilege of zero percent EAR rates on overdrafts. This benefit is prevalent for a time period of 12 months. Now you might be thinking about what lies after 12 months. After the completion of the one year time span, you will have to pay the variable charge of 12.9 percent for using the overdrafts. Indeed we thrive on the idea of allowing our clients to pay less and guarantee each one of them the reliable financial services.

The broader benefits apart from the Santander preferred overdraft rate

At Santander, when we talk about preferred overdraft account, we actually make sure of the customer’s intrinsic requirements. We make sure about your previous overdraft balances and create your Santander accounts as per your evident situations. This particular processing will go up to £5,000. Creating your Santander is a quick process as it gets done within minutes. So if you are thinking of switching, give it a try right away.

Follow the little and smooth steps to create an account

Opening an over draft account at Santander is hassle free task, simply because all of it gets done online. You need to be a citizen of UK and should be at least 18 years old in order to switch your account.

With the aim of switching over, the Santander client should look for the specific account transfer service we offer. Your applications are going to be approved only if you are a permanent resident of UK. We are likely to enquire about your present financial details. This would include studying your debit history and understanding the details about your bill payment methods. You will have to help us out and allow us to access your account at your previous bank. These details will later on get transferred to the newly created account. The respective companies will also be informed about this change so as to coincide further billing procedures accordingly. Once all these stages get over, we will acquaint you about your new account as soon as possible.

What’s more with Santander

With functional 24 hours of internet accessibility, you can log in and check your account balance at anytime, from anywhere. If you are thinking about paying us a personal visit, then you can simply walk into any of our 1,300 established branches and get your queries addressed. 0% Santander preferred overdraft rate gives you much more and beyond!


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