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Now you don’t need to  worry any more for getting a credit card which pronounces the need for a current account holding. The RBS Platinum credit card carries huge benefits like zero per cent interest rate on balance transfers for flat sixteen months and a range of other priority customer features like shopping, travel budgets and instant medical help. The RBS Platinum credit card is such a unique card which you would prefer to keep in your wallet with extraordinary platinum features, gift offers, and long time interest rate.

Who can qualify for the card?

You need to be an UK resident with minimum income holding of ₤10,000.Previously RBS Platinum credit card was only available to clients having current account in Royal Bank of Scotland, but it’s now more simplified with reopening of credit card to all new applicants who abide by these clauses. It is recommended to have your employment proof and address details in hand to avoid any unnecessary delays in card application.

Financial thresholds:

The card comes with a variable APR of 16.9% which is quite competitive in today’s market scenario. It also carries the benefit of zero per cent interest rate for flat three months. After three months though, the interest rate is up to 16.95%. There is a cumulative interest free credit period of56 days on any kind of purchase you do. No annual fee is charged for the card which is a breather in itself.

Balances can be transferred to 95% of the allotted credit limit for three months. There is a handling fee of 2.9% of the balance amount. You can also withdraw ₤750 for a unit day within your credit limit. There is a fee for availing cash in local currency for purchases abroad which is fixed at 2.75%.There is a cash withdrawal fee fixed at 3% of the balance which is quite unique in today’s banking scenario. There is a credit limit of ₤300 minimum with the upper limit flexible according to your status. Minimum monthly payment is fixed at 2.25% which is a benchmark in credit card market.

What is the default charges accumulated?

There is a default charge of ₤12 for late payments or for exceeding credit limit. Incase your payment is returned you will be charged ₤10.

What are the Platinum card benefits?

As a platinum card holder you are entitled to complete security from internet frauds and illegal identity thefts. You are also entitled to special discount offers like travel discounts and online medical help.


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