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The newly launched NatWest ISA account is truly the need of the hour. It proffers a tax free interest scheme accompanied with fast transfers from your cash ISA to other NatWest accounts. Resembling with the other services of the bank, NatWest ISA account also exempts an individual from charging any penalty fee for cash withdrawals. However, it should be noted that a person can only deposit up to maximum limit of £5100 for the entire tax year.

According to the regulations of United Kingdom, banks are supposed to lock an individual’s account if he/she fails to make any deposit for the entire year. Hence, the NatWest ISA bank through its re-activation form permits you to pay money into the cash ISA once again. Now, the more an individual will save, higher the rate of interest he/she is going to earn. In order to access this dispensation in a proper manner, you only need to complete the form and post it in any of the local branches of NatWest around your neighbourhood.

The online facilities further assist to manage your NatWest ISA account in the most convenient way. Even the phone, postal and in-branch facilities are widely available.

According to the Cash ISA for the contemporary tax year 2010/2011, you can now earn 0.50% to 2% of AER with instant access. You can also possess the liberty of transferring your existing ISAs according to your wish.

Nowadays, the entire procedure of transferring your NatWest ISA cash or cash ISA-TESSA funds from other providers is pretty simple for the customers to follow. The only prerequisite being that you are supposed to complete a transfer form and need to bring it to your local branch.

After receiving the transfer request, you will be provided a maximum of 30 days or the said notice period to send all the ISA duties to the NatWest bank. This period has been utterly stipulated within the ISA Regulations, the revenue of the Majesty and the Customs department.

If an individual is already involved in NatWest online banking facility, his/her Cash ISA can be opened instantaneously. Again, if you are new to NatWest ISA account, the latter will send all the official paperwork and identification documents within few days. And once the bank receives those documents and approves it, you are all set to access the Cash ISA and enjoy all its concessions in an effervescent manner.


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