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Perhaps the very definition of online banking has been utterly transformed by the NatWest e saver account. It eminently presents a flat interest rate in front of the customers and unlike others it always remains the same, no matter how much you save. It also does not charge any kind of penalty fee while withdrawing money from your savings account.  You can even start your saving at a minimal amount of £1 as there hardly exists any kind of minimum balance. Apart from this, all your monthly interests will be directly paid into your account without any sort of adversities.

Again, there is absolutely no necessity of possessing an existing NatWest account. In case, you have one, it will efficiently transfer your money from the NatWest e saver account to the others. It can even arrange for a frequent and regular transfer of your money from any other NatWest account.

Exploring the various traits of the recent technological innovations, the NatWest bank provides ample opportunities of tracking and setting up your own personal saving goals with the assistance of online banking in a vivacious manner. Whether it be purchasing a brand new car or depositing on your first home, acquainting with a proper savings goal will always aid you by each and every means possible.

The NatWest e saver, being an online savings account endows with an innumerable number of advantages associated with online banking. Now, a person can take full control of his/her savings at ease and can even perform it much faster just by sitting in front of the PC. The online facility is prevalent 24*7 and further provides you with convenient privileges. Now, you don’t need to ruin the lunch hour from your busy schedule and bear the hardship of traveling. With online banking, you can access your account at anytime and from anywhere according to your convenience.

With the NatWest e saver account, you can browse through and check all your latest transactions as soon as you are logging in. You can even search the history of your past transactions, going back up to seven years. Or else, you are also provided with the facility of simply checking your interest rate.

Again, by accessing the Quick Transfer Box, you can now transfer all your savings from one NatWest account to another.  You will also be guaranteed with top notch security service which consists of active fraud protection and Rapport software for your PC and card reader.


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