Bank of Scotland ISA Account

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Bank of Scotland ISA Savings Accounts

Bank of Scotland ISA plans empower customers to handle their fund and enjoy interest benefits devoid of taxation. The easy ISA plan under the Bank of Scotland ISA wing creates optimum saving options for the registered account holders. What makes things easier to handle and get it done within a snap of two fingers is the triple option of accessing your account through existing branches, through internet services and through any of the major cash machines.

Why go for Bank of Scotland ISA-the easy ISA plan?

Customers interested in opening an account at Bank of Scotland ISA are able to save as much as £5,100 in a time period of twelve months with a Variable interest rate (AER) paid annually on 5 April: 2.80%. The easy ISA customer has the discretion to open his or her account with a disposition of £1. Having said this, one should note that they benefit from Higher savings rates exclusively for current account customers As a current account customer, you could have an extra 0.20% AER with our ISA Direct Reward. This takes the already great rate of 2.80% AER variable up to 3.00% AER variable. Just pay £1,000 or more into your current account with us each month or hold an Ultimate Reward Current Account.

Managing your money matters and all about interest payments

Bank of Scotland easy ISA helps you out in more ways than you can think off. We have being talking about interest rates you get to benefit from by depositing certain gross amounts. But when do you actually get paid for that? The interest payments are made on the last month of fiscal year. The clients of

Bank of Scotland have the choice of picking up any of the existing

Bank of Scotland accounts for interest payments to be made. In simple terms, one can either have their interests paid in the regular accounts or in their Easy ISA account. The bank authorize balance statements once in a year and the customer in the process learn the details of their tax saving status.

When it comes to managing your funds, Bank of Scotland ISA supports you with insights unlike any other. You can actually stop spending sleepless nights and trust your easy ISA methods to save and help you pay off those month end list of bills with ease. Contact the bank authorities in all the best ways of communication available till date. You do get to enjoy all time accessibilities through online service, telephonic customer care options. You can also contact the proprietors through postal methods and can even pay them a visit in one of their local branch offices.

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