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Conventry first is both a current account and savings account. It gives all its clients unmatched interest rates. Hence, one can go on with his life without any loss of peace. With Conventry first, one need not worry about his money so as to get a better rate.

One can apply for most of our accounts online. All one needs is his personal and bank account details. If one already uses online accounts, he can do so instantly. One may even consult the customer care service for guidance in this matter.

Conventry first needs to confirm the identity of every applicant who applies for an account with the Building Society. We do this for the safety of out clients against the risk of identity fraud and to cope up with money laundering regulations.

If a client is making any fund deposit by cheque he is requested to make it payable to whoever is named on the savings account. One should not make cheques payable to the Society, instead he should make sure it has crossed account payee and write the receiving account number on the back. One does not need a paying in slip to make a cheque deposit.

To get your savings tax free, complete a HMRC form R85 and post it to us. This form may be used to register up to 2 Coventry accounts at one time. If you want to register more accounts you are required to complete an additional form. The form only is applicable to a single customer hence, if you wish to register a joint account holder to receive interest without tax deducted, they are required to fill up a separate form and post it to us.

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